Am I doing this right?

Frank on Town Beach, Robe SA

Being new to the blogosphere (is that even a word?) I am tentative about not only my ability to blog but also about my ability to have something to blog about.  Must a blogger create witty, funny, clever, engaging posts all pushing the reader to a single goal or should they just allow their first thoughts to flow from their fingertips, dance across the keyboard and appear magically on your screen?

So what’s the first thing I do?  I research, because?…. that is what I do.  My partner calls it the ‘Jenny Bookworm’ approach.  I’ll research anything, travel, politics, stages of rot after death, gout…I’m serious…gout.  I believe this is where the human race fails miserably – a lack of research. People just going off on tangents, doing whatever they please, not even stopping for one second to do a little bit of background work. No wonder you see people with that WTF look on their faces (see image of Frank) after whatever it is they decided to do off the cuff goes arse up.

Anyway, according to my excellent Jenny Bookworm research, when blogging I should always ask myself ‘and then what‘, ensuring all of my blogs work together hand in hand towards the one vision.  I should check my font size is easy to read, the lines aren’t too long, make sure my headings, subheadings and bullet points are the perfect readable length and that my paragraphs aren’t too long because, apparently, you like to skim read.  Oh, and a cute picture of a pug doesn’t hurt either – tick.

So, why start blogging?  Don’t know.  Bored maybe?  I like to write but don’t have the attention span to write a novel?  Whatever the reason is, I’ve chosen to give it a shot.  Perhaps I’ll be shit at it and won’t have anything to write about?  None the matter, I’ll delete my $27/year Word Press subscription and chalk it up to another thing I started and never finished – I’ll store it in the shed with my golf clubs, guitar and the three half-finished manuscripts for a new and improved version of Twilight based on mermaids!

What will I be blogging about I hear you ask? (or perhaps you mumbled just get to the fucking point woman).  I’ll be blogging about my most favourite thing in the world (apart from my husband and those annoying little people who live in my house) my home town, Robe – South Australia. I’ve been living in Robe for four generations.  My children go to the same little Robe Primary School that their great-grandmother went to.  A cray fishing ‘village’ nestled on the edge of Guichen Bay, on the ancient shores of the Limestone Coast, South Australia.  A population of 1800 permanent residents. It’s a sleepy little coastal hideaway in the winter which transforms into a summer holiday mecca of over 20,000.  Think Amity Island without the deadly female shark, although there is a few of those walking around the place 🙂

There’s a heap going on in Robe.  Events, sport, fishing, hiking, biking, caving, surfing, wine, food, coffee etc. but there’s also the things that ‘aren’t’ going on and are just all part and parcel of growing up and living in a small country town.  There’s the gossip and the intrigue, the blow-ins who seem to arrive and hide here for a little while and then disappear, there’s the walks of shame and the weekend surprises, the Monday OMG’s and the dogs of the village. So although I’ll be coming at you from a tourism perspective to shamelessly market my accommodation business, Happyshack, lets see if we can’t poke some fun as we go.  Stay tuned people, there’s nothing quite like being a Robe local.

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  1. markthinks13 says:

    I think you have captured the essence of blogging – glad I found your blog!


    1. Thanks Mark, will keep plodding away. Looking forward to some sly commentary on living in this little town.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. markthinks13 says:

        okay – hoping to have some local squirrels weighing on things from time to time! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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