The Simplest Things

Sometimes there is a simplicity to life in Robe that amazes it’s visitors.

On a warm Sunday afternoon we decided to take the kids and the visiting relatives to lunch at The Calli.  Local band, Axis were playing in the beer garden and we thought it might be nice to gather some friends and ‘do lunch’ before they start.  We didn’t think much of a group of us getting together and enjoying some great food, a few chilled glasses and some good old fashioned pub rock.

It wasn’t until my father in law commented that you realise just how lucky you are.  See it through his eyes….

He arrives at The Caledonian Inn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Robe and is greeted warmly by his sparkling eyed grand daughters.  We take him up to our table on the balcony, overlooking the beer garden and it’s excited crowd and out over the turquoise waters of Guichen Bay which are shimmering in the afternoon sun.  We get comfortable and the rest of our friends start to arrive.  The conversation is quick and full of laughter as we enjoy stories from the previous nights antics.  Most of our friends have kids the same age, they chatter and play, enjoying each others company as much as the adults.

The band starts warming up underneath u_DSC8865 copys as our meals are served, glasses chink and introductions are made. Everyone is warm and welcoming.  The band starts up in earnest, more friends arrive and join our swelling group.  Everyone knows everyone, we take this for granted.  The kids eat and disappear across the lawns and down onto the beach, because they can, we take this for granted as well.  A couple of the boys go for a swim fully clothed, someones mother goes home and grabs a change of clothes for all those who have returned looking like drowned rats, again….for granted.

We move down into the beer garden, more friends arrive, one of our friends jumps up and does a set with the band.  Wine flows, the kids return to the beach, the music is great, the atmosphere electric.  We dance (badly), laugh, chatter and watch as the kids come and go, the older ones looking after the younger. More friends arrive.
The music ends, the band packs up, we all walk home….because, well,  it’s not far, and it’s a beautiful day.

A simple lunch with friends in Robe but when you look at it through someone else’s eyes…..a blessed life.  Now I just need to get rid of this headache and Monday will be blessed as well.


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