What’s new to Robe for Summer ’19.

From any one summer to the next there is always something new in Robe…but this year there is a little bit more new than normal.  With holidays just around the corner we thought we’d do the footwork for you and… there is actually (drum roll please) fourteen new shop fronts opening in Robe this Summer – not even joking!

Fourteen! Some say it’s ridiculous, some say it’s fabulous but let’s not get all opinionated on that one for today.  Instead, how about you come with us for a meander up the street and we’ll introduce you to the newest kids on the block.

A good place to start anything in Robe is from everybodies favourite piece of lawn with a view– The Foreshore – then we’ll head east up the main street:


No, it’s not a shop front but, WOW, free wifi on the foreshore definitely packs a punch for locals and visitors alike.  Although we definitely won’t guarantee the speed of the service, especially during Peak Week, it’s still a great inclusion in our vibrant village.

Introduced by the State Government and SA Tourism as part of the Southern Ocean Drive and provided by Telstra Air we welcome Fe-Fo-Wi-Fi (Free Foreshore Wi-Fi 😉 ) with open arms.

20181212_100648SAILS AT ROBE

The premises and name remain but a new partnership is at the helm and looking to offer a different take on things at Sails At Robe.  Reclaimed local  – Chef Dean Julian is back and in business with the very sparkling Rosie Stoneham. Together this partnership have front and back of house covered.  Specialising in the finest Australian seafood, steak and wines from the Limestone Coast.  Fish kissing is optional.


Robe’s newest café ‘Drift’ is located next door to The Calendonian Inn and owned and managed by the same family, the Prest’s.  A full renovation inside and out has made this once dated residential property unrecognisable.  Fresh, light and coastal this café will hit the ground running – its doors opened at the start of December.

20181212_100336RISE OF ROBE

The name says it all. Drop into Robes newest Artisian bakery Rise of Robe (at the old Wilsons Gallery) for deliciously fresh treats such as sour dough, baguettes and croissants that would make a French person weep.  Family team of Tom, Deb and Ernst are lovely peeps and will definitely make you feel welcome.


Karatta Wines were around last summer but this new Cellar Door takes their experience to a whole new level.  Located in the old Wilsons Gallery the space has undergone a new fit out and the doors opened only last week.  This cellar door will quickly settle into its new location and all we can hope for now is that they find a way to add sticky buns to the menu.

20181212_100616THE ATTIC HOUSE

The Attic House has turned its hand and walls to many and varied shops over the years and we are delighted to see it continue with locals at the helm.  Housing the Cellar Door frontage of Governor Robe wines Dimity Hayes has taken over management and introduced a new slant.  Now including generous Govenor regional tasting plates, fragrant bubble teas and delicious cold rolls.  Oh, and this is somewhere your kids will drag you into once they get a look at the giant, killer milkshakes.

received_357833648125496HOUSE OF ORANGE

Intriguing name…we thought so too and then, when you walk inside, it just fits.  This eclectic homewares store really has a different slant to what you might expect.  Part of the newly refurbished ‘Cathcart Lodge’ group of shopfronts this is great for lovers of browsing, texture and Nordic sensibilities.  House of Orange also have a great insta site, check it out here.

received_2210934252453421SADA LOOMS

Sister business to House of Orange in the ‘Cathcart Lodge’ group Sada Looms is owned by lovely local Jordie Alexander.  Jordie is an artist in her own right with a delicate and detailed hand and designing seems a natural step for her.  All of her products are handloomed in Southern India.  Another one for lovers of textiles and beautiful hand-crafted work.


You would have been sampling Woodsoak Wines in various locations over the last few years, namely at the little pop up stall in front of Wilsons Gallery or at the Easter Fete.  Well, now Woodsoak owners Will and Sonia Legoe own their own piece of real estate.  The corner shop in the ‘Cathcart Lodge’ group, this new premises offers visitors a taste of the Woodsoak wines collection as well as their brand with the stunning peacock logo on the outside wall.  Look out for the subtle influence of Sonia’s heritage in the doors, counter and tiles – beautiful.

20181212_100303THE PASTRY PLACE

The local butcher shop for years and years this location has been owned by local family the Dennings for a while now. A renovation over the old bones transformed it into the new laundry mat plus a smaller shop.  The smaller of the shops has now been taken over by daughter Kahlia Denning who is specialising in small batch, gourmet baking made fresh daily hence The Pastry Place.  Coffee and light meals are available but in our opinion you just can’t go past the little lemon merangues – they are to die for.

20181214_134231THE UNION CAFÉ

Not a new name but new management and a new fit out.  Taking down the wall which once separated the café from the Cape Jaffa Anchorage sales door has allowed the new Union Cafe owners to turn the counters around and expand the internal dining area.  Better flow all round and with these guys previously in charge of a busy business in Beachport, they are all-ready toughened to the heavy summer traffic and ready to go.


We’ve got to say this one is one of our most favourite inclusions to the Robe high street.  Owner and creator Lisa Baker is a very, very clever artist and a dear friend.  This storefront has been a vision of hers for years and to see it finally come to fruition is very special.  Inky Blue is full of unique, individual creations, lovingly hand crafted by Lisa herself and all about our magnificent Great Southern Ocean.  You will stop and point and make noises as you walk around inside.  Take a moment and ask about the stories, each piece has it’s own tale of re-creation.  Great Insta.


This one just popped up, although we had heard rumours ;).  Full of bright, relaxed, summer ready clothing and accessories this is a pretty large clothes store as far as they go in Robe.  Smiling and ready to dive into something completely different is one of our favourite local yocals Dougal Weir who can now put his excellent fashion sense on display.  Stocking SASS and Betty Basics this is essential wear for all year round.


20181214_174257THE LUSH LIBRARY

Another new take on things for Robe.  Brainchild of local sweetheart Kristal Baker (nee Tonkin) this one is an organic wash for the senses.  Flowers and plants, prints and leather, hides and portraits.  Kristal has been in the photography business in Robe for years – she actually does all of Happyshacks property photos – and this new venture allows her to expand her visually creative side with flower arrangements and very individual gift ideas.  Drop in and take a moment to smell the very fresh and stunning roses.  Go get ’em Kristal X.  Super cool insta site as well – see here

20181214_174143THE EIGTH LETTER

Hayley Smart has been working in and around Robe for years.  She created her own fashion label The Eighth Letter about three years ago and this summer sees her first shop front in Robe.  Her jewellery, fashion and accessories are designed in Australia and sourced globally and focus on representing individuality and fun.

20181212_100410RUFFELL JEWELLERS

Ruffell Jewellers have an extensive business history in Bendigo, VIC.  Finally coming to their senses and escaping across the border 😉 Lisa and Martin Ruffell have set up shop in Robe.  This is a unique and amazing business to have access to in such a small town and their high level of professionalism, craftmanship and service will be appreciated by locals and visitors alike.  Personally, we just love the little Obelisk charms and the ‘Glass Beach’ pendants.


And now for something completely different.  Where once the Limestone Carving workshop stood on Flint Street, Brad Scott and Transmutation have arrived.  With the tag ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ you would think you’d understand what it is about but it’s not until you take a look inside that you really get it.  Transmutation will eventually shred, melt and mould plastics but it’s much more than that.  Brad is also sourcing amazing products which are made from recycled materials.  Think motorbike saddle bags made from recycled tyres, cool slouch hats made from old truck tarps and a Tesla charging station ready to charge while you browse.  The entire building has been recycled as well and we can’t wait to see it swing into action shortly.

We really do need to include a couple changes to some of your favourite service providors as well.  If you are wondering where Hairport at Robe have gone they packed up shop and tottered across the road into a beautiful new space next to Elders – well worth a look and Robe Hair Affair now have a little added extra with ‘Original Skin’ providing Laser Hair Removal in store as well.

We would like to wish the new guys all the very best with their future business endevours in Robe and look forward to seeing them all still smiling on the other side of peak season.  It’s a wild ride but certainly one worth doing well.

We hope you enjoy everything Robe has to offer this summer.  Stay safe, enjoy your time with family and friends and have a great Christmas.


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