Taking care of buiness…

Quite recently the world has changed.  We don’t know about you but we feel like we’ve woken up in a Stephen King novel.

And as uncomfortable as a Stephen King novel can be there is always a final chapter and the bad guy does always meet his doom.  All you can do in between is keep turning the page.

So that’s what we are going to do here at Happyshack.  We will just keep turning the page, although we will also make sure that we have our gloves on and perhaps only share the book in digital form.

At this unprecedented moment in the worlds history, although we must be careful, we must also remain positive.  So, with a positive mindset, Happyshack will continue with business as usual for now.  We will continue to clean our properties in between guests to within an inch of their lives as we have always done.  We will ensure that all regularly touched surfaces such as remotes, light switches, taps etc are given some extra special attention and we will also be giving our houses a good old fashion disinfect just prior to the arrival of new guests.  Hand soap on tap will be available in every bathroom and kitchen as it always has and cleaning and disinfecting fluids will still be available for guests to use.  All of our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen linen will continue to be washed at a professional laundry company who use hot water (over 40 degrees) and every piece of linen in each property will be new and fresh every time.

The health of our guests and the presentation of our properties has always been of top priority at Happyshack and will continue to be so.

At time of writing Robe, South Australia, is open for business.  Our cafes, wineries, pubs, retail etc are still open and would love to see you.

At a time when overseas travel is difficult, schools are closing and the local footy and netball has been postponed, perhaps a little weekend family isolation by the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered?

Stay well, stay positive and we look forward to seeing you soon or maybe later.


Richard & Debra Mackey

Directors, Happyshack.155625-23

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